Wood RecyclAbility offers adults with a wide range of abilities the chance to experience a real workplace setting by making recycled wood products at our training centre and wood recycling site at Cloisterseat Croft in Pitmedden.

Set up in 1997, Wood RecyclAbility is social enterprise providing practical work experience for people with additional support needs through working with waste wood. We support up to 40 trainees each day in a new purpose-built workshop, yard and 5 acres of agricultural land.

On average 1,500 tonnes of waste wood is collected and processed at the facility every year, mainly from offshore companies. As wood is an easy resource to work with, it has an array of uses and is ideal for providing trainees with a broad range of working experiences.

Wood is sorted on arrival and any contamination removed. Suitable clean wood is de-nailed and graded for reuse or recycling. It is then sold to local joiners and householders or used to make a variety of products onsite including garden furniture, nest boxes, bird tables, log stores and household products. These items are sold to the public providing a valuable source of income.

You can see, and buy, our hand-made recycled products at www.shopwood.co.uk. We also make bespoke products to order – including furniture, planters and more.

Wood that is not suitable for crafting into these types of products can be used in the manufacture of chipboard and MDF. About 30 tonnes of wood are processed through the chipping machines each week and are used as a raw ingredient in these board products.

Wood RecyclAbility is a great example of how an organisation can be a sustainable business whilst providing an environmental and social benefit. But we could use some extra help. If you could spare a few hours a week then we’d love to hear from you. Any expertise in marketing, retail, IT, finance, supply chain, HSE, HR would be very helpful or if you wanted to offer some practical help then we could use that too, be it in the workshop helping making wood products or in the office helping with the administration. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, then contact our general manager Brian on Brian.Reid or drop in at our premises at Cloisterseat, just a short distance behind the Pitmedden Coffee Apothecary.

We have some spare capacity for additional trainees if you know of anyone who would benefit? Finally the demand from woodburners and biomass boilers means that a lot of useable wood is now being burned. So, if you know of any supplies of wood that could be available for recycling, we could use that too!