Going for a walk, a run, a cycle for your one form of exercise? Maybe share a photo from your walk.
There are interesting routes and places around and through the town and in the nearby countryside.

Farmers are still working and spring sowing is in full swing. There’s lots to see and we live in a beautiful place.

There a lot more people out for a walk on local roads.

  • Remember to observe 2m social distancing and give other path users plenty of room.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands if you’re touching any gates/styles etc..
  • Its lambing season and bird nesting season – please keep your dog under control when walking in the countryside.

Some ideas to explore –
Bourtie Kirk, The Groaning stone, The Parkock tree, the gasworks, the drill hall, recumbent stone circle, remains of Meldrum Meg’s railway line.
Who was the “Father of tropical medicine”?
Why should you grow Forsythia in Oldmeldrum?

Some resources to help you include Canmore, NLS Maps, Ordnance survey,