Thursday 18th is referendum day.  For everybody wanting to vote in Oldmeldrum there are a couple of reminders:

  1. The polling station is in the Royal British Legion Hall just off the small square.  This has changed from the Town Hall.
  2. There is extremely limited car parking.  Please do not use the disabled space unless you have a blue badge.
  3. If you can, PLEASE WALK TO THE POLLING STATION.  The town centre is congested at the best of times.  Your car doesn’t vote – so don’t take it to the polling station!
  4. If you are from out of the town and you have to take your car, please use the BAKER STREET car park.  Don’t try use the Square.
  5. Part of BAKER STREET at the back of the shops, connecting the car park to the small Square outside the Legion, will be CLOSED to through traffic. It’s to make walking safer.
  6. So please park in BAKER STREET car park and walk the short distance to vote.
  7. Please avoid taking your car near the small square – it will help keep traffic moving in and out of the Town Hall Square.

The polling station is open from 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM.  If you have to take a car, please consider travelling together, sharing a car with friends and neighbours and choosing a time when the roads are less busy.

Thank you