Rainbows in Oldmeldrum

I know what you’re thinking – why are we writing about Rainbows which occur after a shower of rain. Bbut we’re not, we want to tell you about the Rainbows section of the Girl Guiding Association.

Rainbows are for girls aged between 5 and 7. We are all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, trying out cooking and playing games. We are all about learning by doing.

This year the Rainbow units in Oldmeldrum have had a busy year. There has been the creation of a second unit allowing more girls to experience the fun.

In addition to our usual weekly get together where the girls have done some baking, painted lovely pictures for mother’s day, played their favourite games. Those new to the unit have made their Rainbow promise, an important event in every girl’s time with the Rainbows.

We’ve had a visit to the Fire Station. The girls had a great time exploring and seeing the equipment which included trying out the hats for size. They even got to use the hose to see how good their fire extinguishing skills were.

If you would like to get involved at all in girl guiding either as a helper within a unit or if your daughter is keen to join, please go to www.girlguiding.co.uk