OLDMELDRUM: Public Meeting this Saturday. Survey results are ready and your feedback is needed. Please come along 9:30am -12:30pm at the Royal British Legion this Saturday the 27th of May. Tell your friends & neighbours and get it in your diary. Thank you.

This event will form the basis of further questions and consultation. AND a final plan. The Community Council wants your feedback.

Click on and watch the video below, and then find out more below that.

Why do this consultation?

Many people feel that organizations like Aberdeenshire Council do not listen to local people. What a council often hears is a myriad of different voices, often competing, with little knowledge of what are the real views out there. Sometimes some groups can shout louder than others, but that does not make it right only to listen to the loudest or best organised.

That is why Meldrum Community Council, are doing a ‘Visions’ project. It’s based on a survey which leads to a plan for our locality.

This locality plan, can be kept refreshed by the community and should inform anyone from Aberdeenshire Council, the NHS, police and fire and rescue, who care to look, what the local priorities are. This will help in getting these organisations to deliver what people want for our community. It will have been properly consulted and democratically constructed.

Please come along and make this an effective ‘VISION’ for the future of Oldmeldrum.