Hi, we have recently implemented some changes in our local coop that I’d like to share.
As of today (Sat 4th April) customers will see arrows on the floor to direct them in a flow that means they won’t have to pass in opposite directions in the aisles. This will keep colleagues and customers safer as we will be able to abide by the 2metre social distancing advised by the government. Tape is on the floor at the till points to mark a safe distance between customers and staff. Please stand behind the marker but expect the staff to remind you to stand back if you do not. This is to safeguard colleagues and customers alike.

Staff will keep a close eye on how many people are on the shop floor at any given time and at busier times you may see a colleague at the door who will ask you to wait outside until some people leave the store.
Please be prepared for your shopping trip as browsing will slow the one way system down and increase the time each person spends in store.
There are issues with availability of some items so we have strict rules on purchase amounts. You may buy 2 of the same items of goods across the store. You can only buy one box of eggs.

And finally our hours changed last week from 7am to 8pm. This is to allow staff to restock and clean without getting in the way of customers. We have priority shopping for vulnerable customers and their carers and NHS workers between 8am and 9am Monday to Saturday and 10am – 11am on Sundays.
Many thanks
Oldmeldrum Coop