10806242_10152700818020749_637751789745675736_nA group of pupils from Tarves School has issued a plea for donations of unwanted tools as part of a project to aid development in rural Africa.The pupils, who are members of Tarves RotaKids, are working to support the “Tools for Self-Reliance” initiative. The project takes unused or unwanted tools and refurbishes them, before they are shipped overseas in a bid to assist people to improve their circumstances through their own actions.

Once collected, the tools are sorted, repaired and sent to Africa. Training then takes place to support the recipients to gain technical, business and life skills, which enables them to create a sustainable livelihood.

As a result, people are able to earn an income and look after themselves and their families. Their improved standard of living means they are in many cases able to send their children to school for the first time.

Tarves Rotakids mentor Anne Forster, who organises RotaKids through her involvement in the Rotary Club of Oldmeldrum, said that that she hoped there would be a good response to the appeal.

“The sort of tools we are looking for are often sitting unused in garages, garden sheds or cupboards”, she said. “Spades, shovels, joinery and woodwork tools, bike repair kits and electric sewing machines can all be given a new lease of life to help others improve their lives.”

One beneficiary of the initiative, Mr Bangura from Sierra Leone said: “My God, when the tools arrived, the village danced for two days.” Another beneficiary, who is part of the Community Youth Movement in Zambia said: “Since the training, I know how to all of the tools. I’m a full carpenter now.”

The Tarves RotaKids themselves say: “Please, please look for tools you no longer use. They could make a big difference to people in Africa who are not as well off as us us.”

Anyone wishing to donate tools can either take them to Tarves School, or call RotaKids mentor Anne Forster 07816 790 553.