There has been some comment recently about pavement gritting and snow clearing. The following information is from the Aberdeenshire Council website.

Gritting Footways. Red = Priority 1, Blue = Priority 2, Green = Priority 3

Red = Priority 1, Blue = Priority 2, Green = Priority 3

With regard to footway winter treatment it is important to recognise the finite resources that are available to the Council. As with the carriageway network, it is not possible to prevent frost or ice forming on all footways. In order to target resources a hierarchy of footways has been developed in order to prioritise the busy town centre areas where there is most pedestrian traffic.

For more information see here

Follow this link to see the interactive footways map. Link to footways map

Grit Bins

This map shows the location of public grit bins in Oldmeldrum.

Grit Bins

You can access grit bin services online:

  • Request a grit bin to be filled
  • Report damage to a grit bin
  • Request a grit bin to be moved
  • Request a new grit bin

Make a grit bin request or report damage

Alternatively you can phone 03456 081205 (8:45am to 5pm). If you would like to request a new grit bin, we have a grit bin provisions criteria that we need to follow when assessing these requests.