The Future Vision Of Oldmeldrum Group have started off their question design using a template Questionaire titled Place Standard – How Good Is Our Place?  This is based on the experience from the Community Planning Partnership and Community Learning officer, in trying to get people to answer open questions about what they feel about their place.

With the first set of answers, the group will be able to decide on further questionnaires to get more detailed information or use the results to consult on options that might have come from the community’s responses.

It has been accepted that no one questionnaire will get all of the information.  There may have to be several smaller or different style questionnaires as well.  It was also accepted that there may be other ways of getting the information, by using electronic surveys as well as paper copies.  The surveys may be on the Internet but could also be delivered door to door or conducted face to face if time & resources allow.

More information about the questionnaire will be put on to Meldrum Online so that people can see what is happening and how the documents and information is being built up.

Members of the public can always attend the Community Council meetings where verbal and written updates on the progress of the Vision group will be made.