Future Vision

The Community Council with the encouragement of local Aberdeenshire Councillors, and Community Planning Partnership have agreed to start a process that will culminate in a community action plan for Oldmeldrum.  This is not a quick consultation but is the creation of a plan for a  Future Vision Of Oldmeldrum.

The community council have assembled a group of community council members, Aberdeenshire Councillors along with support from Aberdeenshire Council’s community planning and development team, Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership and the Formartine partnership.

This group’s first task is to gather information and views.  There may be several separate questionnaires or information gathering sessions, but initially a questionnaire for all residents is being designed.

Information about what is happening will appear on this website with links to it’s facebook page.  Please check Meldrum Online  for information about the Future Vision Of Oldmeldrum group.

All information that comes from the Future Vision Of Oldmeldrum group, is reported to Oldmeldrum Bourtie and Daviot Community Council meetings.  These are always open to the public and people are welcome to make representations and raise issues of concern.


  1. Our Questionaire Design
  2. The Results are in – progress so far
  3. Understanding Oldmeldrum


This was our first press release:


Aberdeenshire Council officials are working with Oldmeldrum’s Community Council to develop a questionnaire for all people in Oldmeldrum about our Town’s future.

The group will ask a series of questions to make sure there is evidence of public issues that effect local people.

“This is not about proposing solutions to problems yet…. that comes later.  We need to know what people’s problems are, their likes and dislikes and their concerns about living here.  When we get information we will then be informed about what people say and that helps developing solutions, plans for the Town’s future.  We may need to ask more questions and then ask opinions on options, but we will start with a questionnaire” said Andrew McCartney, Chair of the Group from the Community Council.

The group called ‘Future Vision of Oldmeldrum’ will be taking advice and drawing up questions that they believe will give the information needed.  Debra Campbell of the Community Planning Partnership and other Aberdeenshire Council officials have assisted in getting the questionnaire under way.

Once the questionnaire is designed, circulated and hopefully returned, then the group will examine and determine what further information is required. The end result will be a Community action plan, that will be agreed by the public based on their responses.