Running out of reading material? Did you know that you can access thousands of digital publications online for free through Aberdeenshire Libraries digital platform. Including local and national newspapers, ebooks, audio books magazines and more. And you can sign up, for free, online.

Step 1 – Joining the Digital Library
(If you already have a membership number and pin number skip this step)

Using a computer, tablet or phone go to …
scroll down and click the “Join Now” button. On the next page click “Accept” to accept the terms and conditions.

Fill in the form and choose a pin number. (You only need to fill in the boxes with a red asterisk) and then click “Register”.

You will get the following message
Thank you for completing the online membership form, your registration has been accepted. To help you get the most from your new Library Membership please visit the AberdeenshireLibraries Welcome Pack which highlights all of our services. Your temporary borrower ID is ONLINE123456

Write this Borrower ID number down and keep it safe and also remember your pin number. You will need both of these in the next step.

Step 2 – Accessing resources (On a computer)
(For access on a phone or tablet see Step 3)

There are thousands of free digital resources available including ebooks, audio books, study resources and texts. I’m just going to concentrate on one – Press Reader. This service lets you download Local, National and Worldwide Newspapers for Free!

Using a computer, (for tablet or phone – see below) scroll down through the list on this page to find Press Reader. Click the “Access Press Reader” button.

On the following press reader page look for the SIGN IN button (Top right). Take care to avoid any offer or advert and DO NOT sign in with facebook, twitter or google. Instead look for the “Library or Group” button and search for Aberdeenshire Libraries (Live Live Aberdeenshire)

Fill in your Borrower Number and pin and click “Sign In”
Now search for your publication – there’s loads to choose from including local favourites – all for free (paid for in your council tax)

Step – 3 Accessing Resources (on a tablet or phone)

This process is similar to step 2 (above) but you need to start by downloading the PressReader app from your app store or playstore on your device. Once you have the app downloaded open it up. It will first ask you to choose some preferences and then direct you to the signup screen. Ignore any offers and clickbait and Do Not try to join through Facebook, Twitter or Google, instead look for the “Libraries and Groups” signup button on the signup page.
Search for Aberdeenshire Libraries and enter your Borrower Number and pin and then continue with an email address and a new password.

Thats it – you’re all set. go ahead and choose your publication. Remember there are loads more services available such as RBdgital which is great for magazines.