Aberdeenshire Council –
Arrangements for free school meals for those in need

Families eligible to receive free school meals – not those offered universally in P1-3 – are to receive a payment to cover the cost of these (£12.50 per child per week) directly from Monday, 30th March 2020.
Payments will be sent in four-weekly instalments during term time. The council is able to make this payment to families in the same way as is done for school clothing grants. This only applies to families who are eligible for clothing grants too.
If you are facing financial hardship and believe you may now be eligible for free school meals, please apply online. Eligibility is usually based on whether you are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits or allowances.
Apply for free school meals

Aberdeenshire North Foodbank

Aberdeenshire North Foodbank is still open but changing the way we deliver our service. Details will be given as soon as we can.

Offers to help
We are amazed by how many offers of help we have had – we are collecting names, contact details, what folk can do and what area they are in. However, we will absolutely make a call for action should we need it. We are looking at how we tap into local community supports that are popping up. If you do want to give us your details, contact us on info@aberdeenshirenorth.foodbank.org.uk or through Facebook messenger. 

Citizens Advice Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland states:
If you need emergency help to pay for essentials like food, gas or electricity due to coronavirus, you could apply for a crisis grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund. The council will decide whether you can get a grant. All councils in Scotland are getting more money so that they can pay out more grants from the Scottish Welfare Fund during the coronavirus outbreak.