Shire logoAberdeenshire council’s Head of Roads and Landscape Services Philip McKay has put out a statement with impending winter conditions expected within the north east of Scotland. He said: “In anticipation of the forecast snow fall and sub-zero temperatures, our roads teams will be undertaking a programme of preventative action.

Gritters will be out early, from 2pm onwards this afternoon (Wed, Jan 28) and again at 5.30am tomorrow (Thurs, Jan 29), treating all 32 primary routes with salt. Blades will also be fitted as appropriate as we expect a degree of ploughing to be required, particularly on higher routes.

Gritters will treat footways as required following inspections tomorrow morning.

Forecasters predict snow fall to be heaviest in west Aberdeenshire with up to 5cm over 200m and 10cm over 400m. Snow fall in eastern coastal areas will be significantly less. Most of the showers will occur this afternoon and during the evening, with further snow predicted for tomorrow morning.

High winds this afternoon could cause drifting and widespread low road temperatures will further help snow to accumulate.

The council’s road service is continuing to monitor the weather forecast and will act accordingly as the situation develops.

As always at this time of year, I would ask motorists to drive in accordance with the prevailing road and weather conditions, and to plan their journeys in advance.”

For further advice on winter driving see the Council website at: