20150707_111225_2Stanley Glennie, was unable to make the Inspiring Formartine awards ceremony held by Aberdeenshire Council recently because he was in hospital.  So Oldmeldrum Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston, visited Stan at his Rosebank home, to present him with a certificate for his outstanding long service to the Community of Oldmeldrum, Bourtie and Daviot, as he returned from hospital.

“Stan has done a huge amount for the town and district over the years. He has served since the late 1970’s as a Community Council member having been persuaded to attend a meeting and make his contribution by then Chairman, Cecil Webster.”

Stan has been active on the Aberdeenshire Bus users forum as well in his community Council role.

“Stans’s knowledge of the district, its history and every little nook and cranny has been a mainstay for helping represent the issues that matter to Oldmeldrum folk when talking with Aberdeenshire Council.” said Councillor Johnston. ” Stan is a great example for everyone, as he has always been willing for over 30 years to do his little bit in the inimitable way he could, for his community.  We would welcome more like Stan to come forward”

He is looking forward to returning to the next Oldmeldrum Community Council meeting having been unavoidably detained in hospital ,