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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Aberdeen West Peripheral Route/ Balmedie to Tipperty

Out of hours

Aberdeen Roads Limited is currently collating the information it has received from businesses, community groups and residents from its consultation on extended working hours. This information will be submitted, along with its application, to local authorities for consideration.

The contractor will work with local authorities to determine what type of works can be undertaken within any agreed extended hours of work. It will then carry out a ‘neighbour notification’ exercise to advise of any changes.

Extended hours would enable the contractor to take advantage of increased daylight and periods of good weather. The project remains on target for completion in winter 2017.

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AWPR/B-T works in progress

Motorists urged to adhere to road restrictions

Police Scotland has been reminding drivers to observe the various traffic restrictions and speed limits in place near to the AWPR/B-T project’s 58km site. These are in place to ensure the safety of all road users, and help protect the workers within the site.

Malcolm Findlay, General Manager, Aberdeen Roads Limited, said: “Whilst we appreciate it can sometimes be frustrating when there appears to be no obvious works in the immediate vicinity of some of the restrictions, they have been put in place as a safety measure for operatives and road users alike.”

Malcolm Findlay

Beam deliveries for AWPR/B-T project

Two separate beam deliveries have taken place over the past few weeks. The first to be delivered was a bespoke single steel beam for the B977 Echt to Balmedie Road (west) overbridge . The second delivery involved twelve 25m long beams for the Hillside to Batchart Road overbridge.

An AWPR/B-T spokesperson said: “There will be a number of beam deliveries over the course of this year and 2017. These deliveries are integral to the AWPR/B-T project, which will have 75 principal structures, two river crossings, one railway bridge and over 70 culverts.”

The Aberdeen to Inverness railway bridge

Open Days held across the north east

Almost 800 people attended the successful open days held by the contractor earlier this year. Over two weeks, ten events were held across the north east and a range of questions were answered, such as what the new road will look like, what the new road will mean for existing roads and walkways, and what upcoming works will entail, including road works.

The New Inn at Ellon


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