308 busAberdeenshire Council have apologised and indicated  that it was never their intention for the 2 journeys on the Inverurie to Daviot and Rothie service, to no longer serve Glack. Council transport officials indicated it was to take the journeys out of Meikle Wartle on the basis of extremely limited passenger demand and also to speed up the service as running times, which have reached the point where it was difficult to cover the service with one bus.

A spokesman said “I have managed to rectify this with effect from Monday 18 April, so the 09:20 hours from Turriff and the 12:20 hours from Inverurie will continue to serve Glack.”

Unfortunately the new timetable leaflet (301/303/308) has already been printed by Stagecoach so Aberdeenshire Council will need to wait for the next reprint.

The Council said “As long as people remember that the bus will operate south via Glack not long after 09:46 hours and will operate north via Glack shortly after 12:31 hours. I would be grateful if you could spread the word in your area.”

The Council’s transport unit pointed out: “Regarding the Aberdeenshire A2B Dial-A-Bus service, I have spoken to my colleagues who have confirmed that anyone from Glack wishing to access the service should contact the Council as it is possible to serve the village on Mondays and Fridays (Tel: 01224 664747 or a2bdialabus@aberdeenshire.gov.uk)