Oldmeldrum Community Survey for a future vision for Oldmeldrum.

Click on the link below to do the survey.


Meldrum, Bourtie & Daviot Community Council would like your help and feedback to better understand the needs and desires of our local communities.
Please take the opportunity to have your say about how you feel about your local community.As such we would welcome your views on where you live to help shape its future.
More than one survey can be completed by different members of the same family or household.

Throughout this survey you will be asked to rate your area on the scale from 1 to 7 where 1 means there is a lot of room for improvement and 7 means there is very little room for improvement and you are satisfied with how things are.

Feedback sessions will be held to share the findings of this survey and details of the findings can be sent to you if you provide an email address.
Please check Meldrum Online http://www.oldmeldrum.org/ for more information about the Future Vision group and for any updates on this initiative.