BALApromotion poster 2017

Aberdeenshire should be the leader on ethics in our schools says local Fairtrade spokesman Paul Johnston.

“Part of education is about respecting rights and respect for our environment. Much of this is exemplified in Schools involvement in issues such as Fairtrade.

“When people learnt about the conditions that child labour was used to stitch footballs for international competitions as well as the balls used in UK games, there was an outcry.  Rightly so. The international convention on the rights of the child does not permit forced child labour.

“I am really pleased that the FAIRTRADE group in Formartine, are alongside my own team Formartine Utd, hosting a presentation by BALA Sport. Ethics can work in sport. “

“We can hear about the beautiful game and the real story behind the footballs – and what will put it right. Fairtrade footballs, certification prevents balls being made by exploiting children. The Fairtrade system is creating a fairer world.

“I think Aberdeenshire Council should consider acquiring Fairtrade certified balls for sports. It would send a clear message we are a rights respecting local education authority. We would show are concern for the ethics of procuring sports equipment and demonstrate we understand we teach our kids, about fairness, justice, rights and respect.”

Formartine Utd football ground hosts the event tomorrow, Thursday 9th March at 6.30pm