Daviot Village Hall – New Charges

Daviot Hall is nearly complete but is already open for activities in the new facility.  The Hall Committee have reviewed the charges and the new rates can be found in the local information section on the homepage.


Information of course can be found on the Daviot Hall Vilage website: http://www.daviot.org/


New Daviot Village Hall Charges

All hourly rates include electricity charges.

  • These charges will be trialled for 12 months and then reviewed by the Committee.
  1. Regular Users £10/hour
  2. Occasional Users £20/hour

To make a booking please contact Sarah Bell on smbell1978@gmail.com


The average charge for the old hall, once the electricity charges had been added on, was £16/hour. The new rates are in line with what other halls in the area charge and we very much hope that our fantastic new facilities are worth the small increase

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