Draft Minutes of Meldrum Bourtie & Daviot Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 27th May 2014   7.30pm

Meldrum Town Hall Lower Room



CC Members Present: Andrew McCartney, Patrick Sleigh, Andrew Simmers, John Pirie, Ken Gordon, Kaye Cowie.

Member of Public – request to raise a matter – Patricia Buchan

Councillors: Cllr Gifford, Cllr Shand, Cllr Johnston.

Police: None in attendance

Apologies: Cllr Hendry, Willie Sinclair, Irene Dunbar, Denise Forsyth, James Milton


Minutes of April Meeting

Proposed: Andrew Simmers

Seconded: Ken Gordon



Andrew Mc reported that he had been receiving many complaints about the parking on the pavement / road in front of Green Gates this including many complaints from Rosebank residents. Many people have had tyres burst whilst trying to get past parked cars. People are parking on the red raised bed outside the Post Office.

Cllr Johnston reported that he had many complaints from mothers of children who use this path to get to the school. Cllr Johnston reported that the pavement is to be repaired. The Police are aware that there is a major problem and that action will be taken. If no improvement the Council will reconsider what is to done – Yellow lines are not a complete NO GO but that all other ideas are to be tried first. Paul reported that there is still a problem at the Primary School with parking on Pavements – Police are aware.

Cllr Johnston asked that all parking on pavements be reported to the Police as this will then be logged and should help resolve the issue.

Andrew Mc reported that the keys for the Notice Board had been delivered and that a set were in Daisy Roots. Another set are to be cut and will be put in the Café.




The 24hr Police survey undertaken in the town – still waiting for feed back.

The Cycle Racks have been destroyed by vandals. Andrew Mc asked the Cllr’s what the cost was to purchase & install the unit. In the short period since the cycle rack was installed it is apparent that it has never been used.

Andrew Mc also stated that the Exercise Equipment in the Pleasure Park is very rarely used and that the money spent on these projects might have been put to better use. Cllr Gifford agreed to find out the costs.                                                                                                                                                                                                      ACTION JIM


Andrew Mc was shocked by the bad driving of another road user and has reported the incident to the Police on 101

Speeding still being reported on the A947 to CC members (where it goes through the town). Tractors/ Arctic Lorries are going through the centre of the village and this requires to be addressed.

The safety of the A947 was discussed in great detail – Andrew Mc asked if it was possible for the public to be made aware of the outcome of accidents (after any Police Investigation) and if so this might help people’s attitude to driving?

Cllr. Gifford stated that Operation Cedar is in place and that the findings were that most “accidents” have a reason – very few were accidents.

John/Kaye reported that the 30mph sign was not working properly – this has been reported several times -Andrew Mc to report to roads.             ACTION ANDREW

John reported that there had been an incident in the town and that one person had been charged with affray.

Andrew Mc reported that some of the public are concerned with the changes to the road at Berry’s (now reversed), the agreed changes made provision for a no left turn

at the junction with Rosebank. This aspect has not been provided. The purpose of the reverse flow of traffic was to give improved access to Rosebank & to prevent the route being used as a rat run. With no provision to prevent drivers from turning left the route could become a rat run in reverse.

Signage is too high and not prominent. Cllr Shand stated that he thought road marking would be beneficial and that this could/would stop the rat run. Letter to be sent to roads dept.                                                                                                                          ACTION ANDREW



Andrew Mc reported on Willie’s behalf that the balance on account is £6103.25 less un-presented cheque of £13.77 – Jeff to check if cheque is going to be cashed.

              ACTION JEFF



Ken attended the CEB conference in Perth and has given a very detailed report on the meeting. Copies available by email from Irene Dunbar.

Cllr Johnston asked that the Cllr’s be copied into all correspondence circulated within the CC.

Cllr Johnston stated that the Scottish Community Alliance conferences might be of interest.




Andrew Mc reported that the LEFT turn was now in place coming out of Baker Street car park. Road reversal in front of Berry’s (as stated above) now in place. Andrew stated that a new pole had been put up beside Meldrum Motors but the 20mph sign had been attached to one of the light columns. As a result the new 20 mph signage positions will make it difficult for drivers to observe the signs   Andrew agreed to contact the roads department.                                                                           ACTION ANDREW

Cllr Johnston & Gifford reported that the contract had been sent out for the speed cushions (Commercial Road) and speed table (South Road). Andrew stated that he thought this might be better left until the School Holidays thus causing minimal upheaval.

Andrew Mc stated that he had approached JG ROSS regarding the site in Major Lane (as very overgrown) and the empty shop and G Ross informed Andrew that there is an ongoing dispute with both and that nothing can be done with either until resolved.


Andrew stated that along with these two – another shop is only open one day a week now due to poor business and considering closing and that another is considering closing/moving. The Garage is closed and all in all does not make good news for the town.

Can something be done? Discuss next meeting.



John reported that the new system now being used by Aberdeenshire Council for reporting is improving with time.

John reported that the new link road from Portson to Balhagarty is under construction but queried the CC as it is stated that no more than 50 houses can be built before road is completed – which houses?

a)      The ones presently under construction?


b)      New houses nearer Portson?


John also stated that there was an extension asked for the Fair Ground hours and that this has been extended to 11pm. Cllr Shand said that they had asked for 12pm but the Council had agreed to 11pm.

John asked why the path past the Parcock Tree was not finished as per original plans (Z design) as this is of little use to anyone as the gradient is so steep.

Paul advised John to check if there had been an amendment by builder. Paul also suggested that the Paths Group could look to improving it and that the Aberdeenshire Council make be in a place to make a contribution.

Can John be sent the lists from Aberdeenshire Council?



Jeff received a letter from Frank Knight regarding the land at Chaplepark Oldmeldrum as this is a proposed site for a Parking Hub for the town. It was discussed in great detail and was decided by all that a letter be sent to Martin Hall stating our feelings and as Martin Hall handling this he should reply on our behalf.

Jeff circulated letter regarding contamination of ground in Park Lane as this has been raised on several occasions



Safety Meeting was attended by Kaye. Kaye stated that a majority decision had been taken to provide new Safety Vests for the Boating Pond at Turriff. Kaye reported that minutes were being sent to Irene.

Community Council Forum Irene, John and Andrew attended this meeting – points discussed were the New E Planning facility now available – a lot of work to be done in this area in terms of usage and reliability.










New Waste Roll out Programme is to come into force – Basically there will be a collection of waste material every week e.g.

Week 1 – collection of listed materials such as cardboard, papers, domestic containers etc.

Week 2 – collection of all other materials

Note there will be NO collection of Bottles – these will have to be taken to Collection Points. In addition to this every household will be given containers for Waste Food Collection – these will be collected on a weekly basis along with normal separated waste collection. Bags for the food waste will be left for you by the collection team. Note – bins are vermin proof. Full report can be obtained by contacting Irene.

Planning Gain Money – Area Manager confirmed that the money was secure and lists would be issued shortly.

Tidy Village Scheme Oldmeldrum awarded £1000 and Daviot £500. Andrew S looking into Ring Link to provide labour further meeting required with them to see if we go down this route – Andrew S and Andrew Mc are organising a meeting for this week.



Ann Lennox has been appointed as the new Senior Clerical Assistant for Formartine Area as of 28th April 2014.

New Dog Bins /signage has been received and are now in the process of being put in place at several location i.e. Mill Road




Patricia Buchan attended the CC meeting and stated that the routing of the NO 35 Bus was not working and asked the CC to help. After much discussion it was decided that the CC would write to Stagecoach to try and get a solution to the problem.

Kaye asked if the CC would be willing to back Camwater appeal for planning. After discussion it was agreed that the CC would do this.


It was asked if the dates and agenda could go on the notice board – this was agreed.

                                             ACTION KAYE (dates) ACTION ANDREW (agenda)


Andrew thanked Ken for report and closed meeting at 21.55hrs.




Andrew asked that all members could attend if possible as we have no meeting in July.



Any queries please contact Kaye Cowie.

Thank you Kaye for taking the minutes in my absence.