There was significant anger amongst community leaders in Oldmeldrum today with news that the recently installed defibrillator equipment in Oldmeldrum Square appears to have been stolen.

Community Council secretary Kaye Cowie, informed community council members and Aberdeenshire Councillors when a member of the public noticed the box it is housed in was empty and contacted Kaye.

Kaye Cowie organised Members of the public to search all locations it might have been bumped, including local bins on Thursday night and Friday morning.  It was reported to the police who are now investigating local CCTV footage to try and identify exactly when it happened and who was responsible.

“We did leave a short time, while we searched for the person to return the device, but sadly they did not. We are also not aware of any emergencies that required its use – we would know by now.” said Kaye

Local Aberdeenshire Councillors have expressed anger, with one, Paul Johnston describing it as “utter crass stupidity” on twitter  ( )

Kaye Cowie, on behalf of the community council, who coordinated fund raising to provide defibrillators for the community, said: ” it is senseless as what would anyone want it for as it is a piece of lifesaving equipment designed to be left in its recharging box. People are very angry.”